Women conservation groups are powerful in Kenya—one, in particular, in Kwale county near Mombasa dedicates itself to mangrove conservation by establishing nurseries and planting seedlings.

The women have received some money and some attention. But beyond the initial donations, they’re pretty much on their own—volunteering.

Only about 30 women of the 300+ participate, but they are firmly committed to mangrove conservation and rubbish clean-up. Here the women clear the local washes of pounds of plastic rubbish that would otherwise endanger octopus, turtles and other marine life there.

Another activity is beekeeping, producing 5 kg honey per harvest, and selling it to raise money for the mangrove seedlings, but also a “welfare fund.”

This fund essentially is a micro-lending, micro-financing source of cash to other women in the group in need or who want to start projects. Weekly meetings ensure that such needs are quickly identified.

Lastly, the women do “sewing,” or weaving.

Mats and baskets are sold,

adding to the mangrove/welfare fund.

You can learn more about their activities on their website: https://tunusuru.blogspot.com/

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