Brie and Manchego—I’ve started to make soft, mold-ripened cheeses, and I must say they are delicious. You can eat them as soon as the mold has developed, a week after setting the curds, even better, two weeks later. And a month later? Delish! But is this REAL BRIE—no, it’s not going to taste like the industrially-produced French exports. But, made with local feed (sheep grazing from my front pasture), cultures, and aging conditions, I say, yes!!! Likewise, with my Manchego. No, it’s not the industrially produced stuff from Spain. A little inconsistent, sometimes a little salty, sometimes not salty enough. but, always fabulous.

Thank you milkers, Sufu and Kilele.

The curds

The brie paste, perfect with mold set, surrounded by different Manchegos

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