I just saw Queen of the Sun at the Pickford (I fear that tonight may have been the last screening).

–Vandana Shiva is at her best, talking about GMOS and their production (being quite clear regarding the mechanism of identifying the transgenic cells (via their antibiotic-resistant gene))….

–Jeffery Smith does us home girls and boys proud, again highlighting critical studies

–the long arm of summer reaches out again with the film’s interviews by Johannes Wirz – the molecular biologist at the Goetheanum who also is a beekeeper – and Slow Food’s Carlo Petrini; both of these gentlemen are featured in our summer class. Also, please note the highlighting of biodynamic in the film; Steiner is mentioned frequently. The Goetheanum also is shown.

For more information on the summer course, see: http://www.acadweb.wwu.edu/eesp/summer/swissitaly/index.shtml


Bee-Bee’s Friend/Phacelia tanacetifolia (flower) interaction, Uprising Organics (image taken on a class field trip)

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