Pretty little Deruta dish, with the creamy goat cheese, from Jewels and Fauna
This beautiful chevre has a unique texture – neither creamy nor overly dry. I milk into a pail or cup and then empty the milk into a ½ gallon jar that already has a minute bit of culture in it (about 1/16 tsp for a ½ gallon jar). The temprature of the milk (directly from the goat) is in the 80s, beautifully warm. The action of the cultures is immediate – in the digestion of sugars and the raising of the acidity. It will take the rennet to coagulate the solids and the cheesemaker to then separate the curds from the whey, producing the moist, chunky chevre in this image. The tiny cup is from Deruta in central Italy’s Umbria – the “real” home of such pottery.

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