Alas, this summer, we answered the question: Is it possible to have a successful study tour in three days, jet lag notwithstanding? In Switzerland.

The Goetheanum itself, in Dornach

From a tree on the grounds
Time for adventure….
…and at the castle

Walking the grounds

I think the response from the class was an unequivocal yes — from the compost-building in the Goetheanum gardens to the inspired tutelage of Johannes Wirz (and Jean-Michel Florin and Johannes Kuhl) to the magical mystery tour at the Ita Wegman Klinik.

The historic Glas Haus

Leslie and Johannes

The largest cell, for the Queen

With Benno in the gardens

Johannes Kuhl

At the Ita Wegman Klinik

The Dornach journey revealed much about the secret lives of bees — at this time of year, in particular, they are focused on building protein and building fat. Just as we see with humans, fat itself almost functions as an endocrine organ. Without fat bodies and protein stores, the weak bees can hardly make it through the winter. Mite control is established via organic acids. There was so much to learn — and eat (together).

Milo, Ryan, Jimmy cooking at the beautiful youth center

Switzerland 2013

Breakfast at Haus Friedwart

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