Summer in Switzerland is a tremendously enriching time. Our destination is invariably a most mystical place — Dornach, Switzerland. To prepare for the Europe trip in general, students read and then respond to questions in a classroom at our university, Western Washington University. This, and potlucks, is how we begin to form our learning community. In Dornach, we study the mysteries of the universe, as manifest in the social life of bees, as well as develop the social community of cooking, as seen in the glorious images below.



My intensive teaching-learning programs all begin with a first-exam (much like a final or last exam, but in reverse; students take it on the first day of class and are asked to respond to questions on all the readings). This way, we know that we are on the same page in terms of mastering the material that will provide a foundation for our studies.


Master teacher and practitioner Johannes Wirz, lecturing on anthroposophical (phenomenologically-oriented) beekeeping.


Johannes gently adding smoke to the hives, calming the bees as he interrupts their daily routine.


A most unusual beehive in which the frames are rounded.


Our 2016 group in front of the Goetheanum, built in the 1920s according to specifications from Rudolf Steiner. The large hall/theater was built to perform the works of Goethe, in particular, Faust, Steiner’s mystery plays, and more.


The group, in front of the Glass House, our lovely classroom, enlivened with Norwegian shake, rounded forms, large windows — and serious esoteric study.


In our comfortable residence, the beautiful, Begegnungszentrum


In the common rooms, playing music or chatting
Cooking at Bz, Goetheanum potatoes
Tristan, head chef, at the Goetheanum


Most beautiful raw milk cheeses
With sheep milk
With goat milk


Obviously, these esoteric scientists are waiting for lunch…


…which they were well-rewarded with, after an invigorating hike.

This year, we will spend several days agains in this very beautiful spot — home to anthroposophical medicine, Weleda preparations, and biodynamic farming on all scales. Sign up:¬†



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