Gigi Berardi reads about whole in FoodWISE, including the pastured sheep products that she and her partner, Jim, produce. Managing the grass itself is a full-time job! She talks about some of the challenges this represents.  See: Gigi reads about whole, sheep, cheese.

Sufu with her twins April 2020

There’s something very calm, though, about being a shepherd. The New York Times reports the same: Relax with sheep (even, in a video).








On a more serious note, universities give realistic projections of student registration declines: college admissions drop due to increased student vulnerability—this includes Washington state (where she teaches): young adults in Washington state.

It’s not just universities feeling the economic downturn. Tomorrow, Gigi talks about the arts.

See Gigi’s reading of FoodWISE and commentary FoodWISE and commentary for earlier FoodWISE and resilience videos

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