Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE and introduces the controversial topic of eating meat.

And offers this New York Times article by Winnie Hu: Feast or famine?

Its endless isn’t it? News stories on toilet paper and toilet brushes—gone. Frustrated shoppers and empty shelves. Flour—gone. Yeast‚ limited to one package per customer. Is it a Martha Stewart revolution? This New York Times article quotes Joseph Viscomi, a supervisor for Morton Williams, that everyone’s “becoming a mini-Martha Stewart,” at the same time articles running in parallel are bemoaning the return to convenience foods. Which is it? “Five-pound bags of King Arthur Flour have been so hard to score that they were selling this week on eBay for $26.49, five times the store price.” Indeed.

Now more than ever is the time to turn to a WISE attitude towards shopping, cooking, planning—whole, informed, sustainable (including for personal budgets), experience (experience=anything that involves something more than opening a box and sticking it in a microwave).

Sound good?

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