Gigi Berardi reads from the Introduction to FoodWISE, and on how we need to be creative in our shopping and cooking choices—making do with less. This is especially true given our current Coronavirus pandemic.

Those of us with resources—our country, in particular—need to plan for continued pandemic and serious supply chain shortfalls. By planning now, with our largesse, we can play a role in providing goods and supplies worldwide. Indeed, coronavirus, is not so much the great equalizer, as the great revealer—as indicated here: Coronavirus—revealer not equalizer. Forward planning is absolutely critical: Let’s get this right and plan, and accessible GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and reliable tracking systems will be vital.

As discussed in previous vlogs, combatting the pandemic is a matter of being prepared with coronavirus test kits and incident tracking tools. As great a risk is the worldwide hunger resulting from supply chain threats and income cuts. We need to recognize that not much is going to change, and, in fact, things could get much worse with a W-shaped (not V-shaped) recovery: Our recovery might be a W.

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