Gigi Berardi reads on food and farm resilience in FoodWISE, and talks about an article that made its way into the Anchorage Daily News (Dee-Ann Durbin of the Associated Press was the author) on meat, meat supply, meat rationing, meat processing: What’s the deal with meat?

But if the supply chain is so vulnerable, rather than executive orders mandating that meat processing plants stay open/reopen—why not offer executive (and other) funds to provide the safety precautions and hygiene necessary to keep workers protected. And on the job—admittedly, perhaps with worker breaks every 20 minutes, or more, or less. I don’t know, but people in “essential jobs” should all be receiving essential protection.

I said the same, for farm workers, in earlier vlogs.

The answer is not fake meat. It’s better protection for workers, it’s better planning for more decentralized, integrated food systems.

This is what I think about as I eat my dinner of bean stew.

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