Here is another FoodWISE installment—where I mention the FoodWISE guidelines: W for Whole, I for Informed, S for Sustainable, and E for Experienced—and some interesting articles I’d like to draw your attention to—one from The Seattle Times, and one from The New York Times.

First, The Seattle Times talks about a big bump in numbers of people in the state needing food assistance, and a statewide food relief fund to address the greater demand, now that donations and number of volunteers are way down. Visit:





Then, The New York Times claims that we are going back to basics/comfort food/feel-good processed foods—many from our childhood. Stressed? Then bring on the Spaghetti O’s. Really?

In this article,, (image: Daniel Dorsa for The New York Times) claims are made that two big food trends—eating out and buying organic/natural foods—are on the decline, in favor of people hunkering down with the ice cream sandwiches of their childhood. Campbell’s soup company, previously experiencing a downturn in sales, is now bumping up numbers of workers to handle the crunch.

The question I ask is, “Why?” I think diving face-down into convenience foods isn’t all about emotional eating, but also about problems around shopping and cooking and dining with others. That’s my FoodWISE thinking.

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