Gigi Berardi reads from FoodWISE and explains some of the controversy around organic—a lot of controversy around organic certification. The most immediate controversy for her and her immediate constituency—students—is: Will school be face-to-face this fall? That means colleges and universities. She offers two articles, one a vehement “Yes,” because universities lose their very identity by offering an online-only platform and not figuring out how to ensure protection, isolation, and containment from the pandemic (with ways other than complete shut-down). And, so, colleges must reopen in the fall.

And “no,” weighing fiscal insolvency vs. medical emergency is a no-brainer. As Graeme Wood writes here, “the desire of the virus to propagate and the desire of the university to educate are in dangerous harmony”: fiscal solvency vs. medical emergency. The first priority for higher education institutions is to keep people and places as safe as possible—and, then, to continue to deliver the best education possible. Gigi writes, “I depend on my institution for the first, but commit to playing a major role in the second. For the near future—the best platform is going to be online delivery.”

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