Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on advertising—all in the section on Our Personal World of Food. I had been meaning to post this New York Times story for awhile. The gist? Are you kidding me? Factory farming? Epochs will note our as the age of animal cruelty, see here: Well, I address it for sure in FoodWISE, but mostly in the context of the benefits of integrated small-scale farming—and what a mixed economy, mixed scale agriculture might look like. Meanwhile, another article I have been saving, is about college students—one of my favorite topics, although it doesn’t take a very sympathetic, compassionate stance, The main message is students in the USA should be grateful for what they have—at least they’re not on the back streets of Calcutta, or some such. Why? Because “the world needs you,” and, no, you have not been robbed. A provocative article indeed. Image: Advertising FoodWISE in front of one of my favorite bookstores.

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