Class field trip to Whatcom County’s Twin Brook Creamery, VeenHuizen Farms, BelleWood Acres.
Twin Brook: Low-temp pasteurized (non-homogenized) chocolate milk and food for thought on marketing glass bottles.
Larry and Debbie Stapp of Twin Brook Creamery

Bottling Chocolate Milk — two at a time

VeenHuizen: Milking cows by hand (Wil, you’re hired for the night shift), Dairying 101, and a good look at the high cost of farming, but also its invaluable farm culture.

Shane VanderVeen of Veen Huizen Farms patiently explains and demonstrates how-to-milk-a-cow 101
BelleWood Acres: A good look at orchard-ing, and what to do with all those extra apples (sauce, syrup, chips, pies) and pears and more.
John and Dorie Belisle of BelleWood Acres

The pie-making department

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