Gigi Berardi reads about whole and whole foods, and why she prefers her animal products pastured—as with her sheep, which she is actively milking and caring for (having just come in from milking them, and reading in her farmer overalls). She carefully sorts through information, presenting the logic in doing so:

Gigi reads FoodWISE, staying calm in the era of coronavirus



Yet try to make sense out of current economic projections? That is a much taller order. See: Wildly- and widely-differing economic projections here (reversing decades of globalization, exceeding the Great Depression, all economic depressions, more). Bottom line: We just don’t know. New York Times: Economy

Gigi also talks about the “FoodWISE override”—making sane choices (any food you can get your hands on in this age of coronavirus) over sustainability. She discusses dichotomies in this era—of people “sick/not sick” and those with a source of income and those without. Never were reasonable, accurate, and meaningful projections more important and urgent as now.

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