I love broccoli. Here is a step-by-step guide to cleaning, cutting, and steaming delicious broccoli. My favorite way to eat it? With a little salad dressing either oil and vinegar, or something a little creamier.

Even though I buy organic, I start with washing the broccoli in a fruit/vegetable wash—sometimes I use just a dab of dish soap. Why organic? Because I don’t want to buy winter broccoli from the Mexican state in which I work (it grows a lot), chemical-loaded and groundwater depleting (see article):  Broccoli in Mexico depletes groundwater causing problems in villages.

I use this wash, even for “organic”

Organic label—I don’t buy organic for everything, but broccoli definitely (see highlighted article above as to why)!





I cut off very little of the ends

I cut the stem into thin “coins” and separate the florets

I layer the thicker stem slices on the bottom of the steamer, then add the florets on top. I use about 3/4 inch water. Steam for about 7-10 min

A favorite recipe is lightly sauteed, with cornmeal (called “Fried Cauliflower”) in my FoodWISE book, or sign up here for just the recipe: https://gigiberardi.com/


Here’s information on “Brassica Week!” January 11-15.

Tune in at 10am PST/1:00 EST on YouTube (and watch recordings from Garlic, Radicchio and Collard Weeks)- https://www.youtube.com/c/CulinaryBreedingNetwork

Monday, Jan 11: Jim Myers, Oregon State University with “Baffling Brassicas: Deconstructing Brassica rapa and B. oleracea.”

Tuesday, Jan 12: Breeder Andrea Ghedina of Smarties.bio and farmer Jason Salvo of Local Roots Farm talking “Traditional Italian Brassicas from NE Italy, including Fiolaro di Creazzo, Broccolo di Bassano and Verza Moretta Cabbage“

Wednesday, Jan 13: Zach Stansell, Cornell University presenting “From landrace to modern hybrid broccoli: the genomic and morphological domestication syndrome within a diverse B. oleracea collection”

Thursday, Jan 14: Phillip Griffiths, Cornell University discussing “Brassica Fusion Breeding”

Friday, Jan 15: Hannah Swegarden with “Rooting for Rutabaga”

….from Lane Selman/Oregon State University



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