One sure way to have fiber-packed “real” bread (actually, fermented) is to make your own. I write about this in my book, FoodWISE, and share how I used to make (and freeze) 20 small loaves a week.

I’m back to making bread, and this time with home-milled wheat berries grains (white and red wheats). I use the “Mockmill” attachment to my Kitchen Aid, as does Steve Jones of WSU’s Bread Lab.

Then, I mix the freshly-ground flour with yeast-warm water-honey, and let the “sponge” rise…my oven has a proofing setting.
Lastly, I knead the sponge, adding more freshly-milled flour and oil and salt, making bread that provides almost a third the fiber I want, per slice: Fiber-packed bread!

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