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I’ll be reading from the new book on Monday. Limited edition hard cider (BelleWood Acres and Honeymoom) available. Best, Gigi 
See http://www.communityfood.coop/product/slow-food-and-nourishing-traditions-with-gigi-berardi-phd/

Slow Food and Nourishing Traditions at the downtown Community Food Co-op
with Gigi Berardi, Monday March 11 6:30-8:30
Text Box: The Slow Food movement links the pleasure of preparing and eating food to environmental and community resilience through supporting food cultures throughout the world. At this meeting, network with others concerned about the future of food. Enjoy slides of work at Slow Food hot spots in Europe, as well as in Bellingham and narration by Gigi Berardi -- who also will be sharing excerpts from her newest book project -- A Cultivated Life.  Refreshments by Charles Classen of the Book Fare Cafe, beverage by BelleWood Acres - food for thought, celebrating both taste and place. $8 (contact the Co-op, to join the session)
 Florence class 2013
Text Box: We all know what fast food is, but what is slow food? Slow Food as a way of life  -- finding, growing, and preparing food, being concerned about how much food we have, and from where –- is millennia old. It seeks to protect local food traditions, and to rekindle people’s interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, and how it tastes – good, clean, and fair food.
Text Box: Slow Food….an idea, a way of living, a way of eating.  .
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Florence class 2012

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