following are the February info sessions for the Food Cultures of Italy class, as well as events at the Co-op and Village Books in Bellingham, WA. The info sessions are more geared towards the student course in June and July — but all of these are opportunities to meet up, talk, and answer questions.

Best Gigi

(1) Thursday, Jan 30
1:00-3:00 Viking Union (International Fair)
(2) Thursday, Feb 6
3:00 PM | CH 135
(3) Tuesday, Feb 18
3:00 PM | CH 135
(4) Tuesday, Feb 25
3:00 PM | CH 135
and also
(5) Slow Food and Nourishing Traditions at the downtown Community Food Co-op
with Gigi Berardi, Monday February 3 6:30-8:30 
(poster is attached)
(6) Readings Gallery of Village Books on Thurs., Feb. 13, 7-8pm.  Gigi Berardi, Western faculty and Global Discovery leader, will share her experiences and food background at the information session, including growing up in an Italian home and how that inspired her culinary passions. Berardi’s research in food culture and her belief in the importance of minerals, sun and Mediterranean fats in the diet strongly inspire her method of teaching about food. Global Discovery trips are non-credit and offer an opportunity for people to travel with Western faculty and immerse themselves in another culture. Enjoy slides of work at Slow Food hot spots in Europe, as well as in Bellingham and narrations by Gigi Berardi – who will be sharing excerpts from her newest book project- A Cultivated Life.

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