New York Times critic Alastair Macaulay (referred to as “the nation’s most prominent dance critic” in an Associated Press story by Jocelyn Noveck) must have been in some Nutcracker Act II doldrums for him to focus on a ballerina’s weight in what is now known as the quip heard ‘round the world’ [charging the ballerina with having “eaten one sugar plum too many”]. I would think he’d have chosen a different target (much less, topic) than one of New York City Ballet’s top ballerinas — Jenifer Ringer. She’s certainly on my top ten list – my profile of her in the 2005 edition of Finding Balance discussed her artistry, her willpower, and just plain spunk. She’s appeared more than once on the cover of Dance Magazine.

So, what’s in a sugar plum anyway? From what I can tell, they’re moistly spherical sugary confections. Good call on the excess sugar (as opposed to fat) and weight gain link. But, excess weight on a ballerina like Ringer? Not even close. Looks like Mr. Macaulay may have had one too many Nutcrackers.

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