Pacific Northwest Ballet’s November program was remarkable—and unforgettable—and I’ll be writing soon on separate pieces. But first, just one shout-out: Eva Stone for her masterful Foil and to artistic director Peter Boal for commissioning and programming it. Foil is perhaps best known for the Seattle-area dance festival she’s curated since 2008—CHOP SHOP. But this fall, that changed as her work hit the big stage in a Pacific Northwest Ballet commission. Stone featured women composers (Mendelssohn, Schumann and their little-known work), and found the humor in their fast-paced phrasing to create a decidedly jubilant dance—expansive gestures, complicated-but-quick lifting, and huge, breathy moves—all very reminiscent of Erick Hawkins. Indeed, such beauty on stage is a tribute to all those choreographers who think big and take risks, providing immeasurable value to the dance-going experience.

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