Photo by Stefano Altamura

Olivier Wevers’ This Is Not the Little Prince is a captivating and emotional work. It is demanding on the dancers for the challenging movement and ensemble psyche Wevers asks them to create onstage. The piece is both playful and dramatic, a tour de force of surrealism. As I wrote in Dance Magazine, “[the piece] gives a surreal rendering [to realize Wevers’ vision], combining Saint-Exupéry’s anti-realism with René Magritte’s jarring aesthetic.”

The piece is wildly inventive, very much in line with Whim W’Him’s mission to provide innovative choreography.  Whim W’Him typically features all-new choreography, much selected with dancer input. The company is currently celebrating its 12th year under founder-choreographer Wevers, a former Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancer. For more this season, see IN-WITH-WHIM digital memberships.

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