My dance writing to share, and a plea for support of dance everywhere, anywhere

My dance writing

Donald Byrd | Photo: Gabriel Bienczycki

In recent weeks, I’ve written the following two pieces—one for Dance International and one for Dance Magazine, both on the inimitable Donald Byrd.

Gigi writes on Donald Byrd and race and climate


Spectrum Dance Theater’s Vincent Michael Lopez in rehearsal     Photo: Jacob Jonas

Gigi writes on Donald Byrd and top 20 works

Plea for support of dance

Here is my plea: Please support your local, municipal, regional, state, national dance—really all of it. Such support has never been more needed than now. So, what are we talking about, in terms of support?

Watch it—watch pieces old and new, watch individual dancers performing, Watch dancers performing, individually, perhaps in a montage, as here:

View Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Social-distancing cygnets

Watch anything in Facebook or other social media or in your email inbox that comes your way from your favorite dance company.

For example, yesterday, for me, appeared (in my inbox)—the lovely Carla Korbes [After the Rain (solo), just 3.04 minutes, but every one worth it]:

Carla Korbes dancing in her garden

Film by @patrickfraserstudio

This piece, by Christopher Wheeldon has riveting music by Arvo Part—but I listened to it in silence (with Part’s music, and in Korbes’ garden, you also hear lovely birdsong). Watching Carla Korbes perform, in her backyard, is a rare joy.

If you look (and ask, via email), I’m sure the company in question would be happy to share its updates and anything-dance-movement for your viewing pleasure. I wouldn’t be surprised if subscriptions, maybe by the month, wouldn’t soon be available to view its dance—classes, rehearsals, performances with appropriate protection and social distancing—for us to support. And this financial support is critical for the company’s survival—the companies I watch closely here in the Pacific Northwest certainly need it.

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