Yet another three new dance creations from Whim W’him’s Olivier Wevers this past January at Seattle’s Intiman Theater (the company is in residence there) — extraordinary, memorable, provocative work.

What does this groundbreaking choreographer offer?

Haunting music, images of the brave and the broken, wild women and ritualistic or stylized violence. ThrOwn is plain chilling — with all the atmospheric costume/set/lighting design and the extreme dancing, Wevers offers a tribal call and response. In La Langue de l’Amour, Chalnessa Eames is playful, versatile, naughty — Wevers’ gumby doll who can do anything. In Flower Festival, the masterful Andrew Bartee and Lucien Postlewaite (LP, sadly, is Les Ballets de Monte Carlo-bound) dance a contemporary striptease to Edvard Helsted’s classical fare with big imagination and the inventive intent to match. Bravo, to Mr. Wevers and his bold dancers!

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