One of the recent film Black Swan’s many poignant moments is “the cake scene,” when ballerina Nina has just learned she’s landed the role of the Swan Queen (Odette/Odile) and Nina’s mother presents her with, well, a huge cake. There’s a lot of fear around (eating) the cake; this could be due to many things emotional, psychological — but also physical. According to some specialists, like MIT researcher Stephanie Seneff,* artists like Nina could well be starving themselves of fats and cholesterol, and staying very thin with little buffer of fats and cholesterol. It could, in fact, be quite difficult to digest any fats presented to them (there’s not enough cholesterol to be able to synthesize bile acids) – in a sense, you become allergic to food. Depriving the body of cholesterol leads to (oxidation-) damaged cells and fats can become dangerous. Phew! Best not to deprive the body in the first place.

This also explains how nutrient-dense foods can sometimes be toxic in therapeutic treatments as well. Hence, the nutrient-poor therapeutic treatments for cancer, may work, in part because the alternatives aren’t (literally) very appealing!

For more telling reviews of Black Swan: see Wendy Whelan’s work at

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