Older dancers? Rock the world. Search Huffington Post-syndicated column.

But so do the younger dancers. For example…

I am a huge fan of SYTYCD, I admit it. I am a fan of dancers who, outside their training and comfort zone, can conform to whatever dance style is demanded of them — with both grace and conviction. And – the top ten dancers in this reality show (Season 10) certainly did that. Marketing aside (and that’s a big, big aside), I thoroughly enjoyed the new choreography each week – some of which was fresh, moving, inventive. I actually voted once (at the end of the season) – for the two dancers that “America” voted for as well. Fortunately in this case, America’s #1 favorite dancers happened to be the most versatile and talented, skill-wise as well (in my opinion). Practically teenagers, but with a maturity, intensity, and commitment that should push professional dance to be and have much the same.

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