Gigi Berardi reads FoodWISE, on policies that support resilience. In her vlog last night, she had a link to Trevor Noah’s now-viral soliloquy on how society is a contract, and we don’t have a good one. Noah also speaks about Malcolm Gladwell’s principles of legitimacy (agree on what the principles are, that people enforcing principles will do so fairly, and that everyone will be treated fairly, etc.). Sobering.

And then there’s this: science gone bad, and COVID policy gone amok (something Gladwell intimates in his other work), discussed, here: Bad science and poor hydroxychloroquine Who to believe, and, indeed, what is wise? Certainly not this (or them): Bad science, bad policy

Meanwhile, universities are talking out both sides of their mouths, so to speak. Even to the extent that students are needing to put together websites that translate university double-speak into sobering English. On universities, see here: What’s up with universities?

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