In my previous post, I discussed potatoes and peas (as in, it’s a FoodWISE time to plant both). But it also is time to forage. Here, nettles.

Nettles are not only a good source of certain vitamins and minerals, but also carbohydrates and protein. See: “Comparison of nutritional properties of Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) flour with wheat and barley flours” by Bhaskar Mani Adhikari,  Alina Bajracharya, and Ashok K. Shrestha.


Spring nettles, flowers are barely forming

I use sweet woodruff  (sweetscented bedstraw) as a flavoring in wine. It’s growing in woodsy areas now.Image

Clearly, spring is here!


Skunk cabbage flowers (non-edible)


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