For those of us who celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, please remember my generous definitions of cooking in FoodWISE. Just a little bit of cooking goes a long way. And try to keep it WISE:

“I like to eat real food—I like to know where it came from, I like to think about
the county or farm or farmer of origin when I’m eating the food. I enjoy
growing my vegetables and raising lamb. I also am quite clear on why not all
families still produce much, or even any, of their food. It is time-consuming,
difficult, exhausting, and risky. Shopping and cooking also take time and
energy. I get the draw of convenience. I like inexpensive as much as the next
person does. And I know we wouldn’t get either convenience or cheapness if
we were all in our kitchens cooking everything that went into our mouths.”

Keep it real this holiday season, and don’t overdo!

Making cheese with novelist Janet Oakley and son


Light meal (ok, admittedly, at a castle) in Switzerland, with students. Definitely: good enough


Good friend Giovanna cooking an all-vegan feast

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